1. I cried watching the vlog! You guys deserve this and I know it has been something you all have been waiting on and to be blessed with two is so amazing!! I will be dropping my gift got the virtual shower in the mail today! So excited to see the little bundles of joy!!! Love you guys!

  2. Passionate

    Yep I have to agree with the previous poster, I cried looking at the video. It was beautiful. It was so touching. The twins are so lucky to be loved so much by so many people. But hollllllddd upppp…is that the infamous James on a pic who never wants to be on camera??? ???

    • Yeah we are definitely happy to have a lot of good close friends in our lives…..but I cannot confirm if that’s James or not, sorry!!!!:)

  3. RedboneLife

    I have shed nothing but happy tears since the announcement! I swear you and Juice are my friends in my head lol! I looked at the pics and said “Hey, there’s Tash!” You looked so beautiful doll. Can’t wait to “meet” the Baby Socialites ??

  4. Sandy Roberts

    Sande & Juice,

    Thanks for sharing one of your special days. I wish your family all the best before and after the birth of your babies.


  5. Takia brown

    Ya’ll are just the Cutest ever! Love the shower pics and everything. I can’t wait til the virtual shower so y’all can see what I got the twinsies. The boxes are not as heavy as they look LOL

  6. Lisa G Mosby

    Juice and Sande,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It has been the most beautiful thing to see and you all or a beautiful couple. I make it a point to watch your vlogs daily as if I was watching a daily sitcom. My day is not complete until I see you all. I personally feel like I know you all. I also live here in St Louis and hope to run into you all one day.

    I want to wish you all the very best because you both deserve it. As crazy as you all are, you all will be wonderful loving parents. I cant wait to see those little faces.

    Enjoy every moment of this ride. I know I have enjoyed being in your daily moments. Continie to take care of each other. I love you both.

  7. Sasha

    Omgg..thankyou for sharing these beautiful pics and the video was soo amazing am truly happy for you guys..may god continue to bless you guys..cant wait for the precious little ones..you guys would be gr8 parents..i loveee you guys..btw juice are you gna put the baby on board sticker on ur car???all the way from trinidad and tobago muchh loveee..you guys are in my prayers???

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