1. Gina

    I agree 💯%!!! It was an awesome movie!!! I also didn’t like the way Killmonger went about things. But I felt so happy and proud of myself, our people…so much so I cried on several parts of the movie (I am a crybaby from time to time!) I just saw it on the 22 and I am ready to go see it again!!!!! #WakandaForever

  2. Latebloomer39

    I have not seen the movie, yet. However, I will go with the hubby soon. My sons went opening night and love it. Thanks for such informative review.
    You guys look fantastic!!!! Keep up the great work.

    • Barbie Bee

      Juice, the movie was PHENOMINAL!!! I was bursting with pride and excitement. At one point, I even cried. We, as a people, are soooo creative and strong. Also, I wanted to “THANK YOU” for letting us in on the “little secret” after the credits began to roll. I told my husband to wait because I had read your review (I’m a long time follower of you and my girl Sande (with her gorgeous self) and that you said something was happening after the credits started. So, thank you for that. The movie was all around thee best!

  3. Mimi

    Juice, I know you were especially happy about the announcement at the end. I also liked the fact that T’challa kind of honored Eric at the end even though I think that will put Wakanda at risk in the future. Not giving spoilers is hard. Lol. And I hope they have a secret reserve that we don’t know about. That’s one of the reasons why T’challa is better option. I was surprised at the end when just about every white woman in the theater was the loudest in support of the answer when love and loyalty was tested during the battle. But hey people are generally loyal to what you love. Although I love my golden brown sugar skin tone. I was looking at Danai and Lupita like how come I’m not African. Why I have to be born in America. Lol The people and the movie was beautiful. I saw the movie in 3d xd so I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and Black Panther has me interested in Avengers now. I’m not really an action figure fan. My super heros were the care bears. They just stand there and project love that conquered evil instead of slap, pap, bam, boom like Batman. But anyways everyone should go see this movie. Part of me is just nervous as to what could probably happen like invasion or something in the future since T’challa made his announcement. Spies could try to infiltrate through the new organization or other means.

  4. Richetta Russell

    You two are a wonderful example of Black love. I watch you two and your beautiful twins all the time on YouTube. Your fun personalities, your love for each other and family, how you work out together, talk about and share everything, the date nights, and the way you are great teachers working together to raise your twins is a Godsend and a breath of fresh air! God bless you for being you and Big ups for showing us black love still lives! Yessss hunnybunny!!!!

  5. Juice!!! I agree it was amazing! I agree about Killmonger! Great motive wrong execution. I have seen the movie twice and most likely will see it again!

  6. I haven’t been to the movies since the movie The Help (only because my book club got a free screening), I decided I was going to see this movie. By myself and I did in 3D IMAX. So my foray back to the movies was done big, but I agree with your assessment and how impactful I felt once I left the movie. Yes, I stayed through all the credits, if I have learning nothing from you and Sande is to wait till all the credits roll. Good looking out! I want to go see it again and again. This movie was gorgeous to watch and so meaningful. Glad I made this movie a priority.

  7. Lanishia

    I agree the movie was “FIRE” in my sande voice, LOL. It was great too see a strong female representation in this movie, I loved that my girl from walking dead was still a bad ass with that spear like she is that sword on walking dead. Me and my hubby are big marvel fans as well, and I have too agree with you that his sister is way more advanced in technology than tony stark. GREAT MOVIE.

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