1. delisa

    Daniel Craig has said this would be his last Bond movie. I guess his performance showed that it should be. I’m still pissed they killed off the original M so….ima pass on this one

  2. Shell

    Thanks for the review. The movies have been lacking a bit lately, so this will keep me from spending my money on awful foolishness. Thanks guys. ??

  3. Jonica Gillings

    Thanks Juice!
    I’m not wasting my time watching this one but I think “best of No Nation” is on Netflix. If not, you might be able t find it somewhere for the free.

  4. Shanté

    Jimmy Bond.. yes I’m here for that.. lmfao. Honestly I wish I would have seen this review earlier even tho I saw spectre on cheap night(4.99) I want my coins back all 5.64 of it.. it’s def a redbox or Netflix hit.. LOL

  5. Karen

    Thanks for the warning! I haven’t heard much about the movie from friends and Im sure that’s the reason why. I’ll pass

  6. Dez

    The best description was…meh. You know a movie is average at best when you realize how long you have been sitting in the theatre. His butt looked good, though…ijs…

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