1. Zandra

    Lol juice!! You made some good points here. I had some of the same questions like they made it seem like Apollo was a deadbeat at first but I think his son was just upset that his dad died before he was even born. It was hard to hear when he said he didn’t have a father. Also balboa is pretty damn old. I enjoyed this movie though. I would rate it a 9/10. The first hour was boring to me then when the fights came I was really into it and engaged with the characters in this movie. ??

    • Yeah the fighting was good! The guy Adonis fought in the main event is actually a real boxer. Did you check out his hand speed?
      That’s not from 12 weeks of training, more like 12 years.

    • How is Rocky able to beat a guy juiced on some of the strongest steroids in Russia, but Apollo can’t hit him but twice….what’s Hollywood trying to say…

      • Swany

        I agree. If you look back at Rocky IV you see that they portray Apollo as not being that serious about training and that he could win. It wasn’t till after he dies they shoe Rocky taking the fight seriously and training for that fight of his life. Definitely could have done a better job on Apollo’s character,

  2. LaShanda

    Hey Juice, I enjoyed the movie! I don’t think that Creeds name was tarnished because he died before Donny was born. He probably did not know about his son. I think Donny stayed with Mary Ann because he was trying to decide when he was going to branch off into boxing. When Apollo fought Drago he did not take that fight serious and that is why he got killed. Rocky beat Drago because he was younger and he was fueled by hate that his friend was killed. I liked your article and I love the website Sande!

  3. Lorraine Gregg

    Im sick of old ass Rocky period. From the last movie even though Apollo told him not to throw in the towel Rocky should have Apollo was his blood sacrifice to defeat drago. Rocky wanted that victory that’s why he Let Apollo die. Now in creed he want to act like he doing a good thing, Man please! .
    Rocky always have to be the si called hero with his 5″ 4 ass. Boo!

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