1. Netta

    Hello Sandy I just decided today to try the keto diet I didn’t know that you were on it also.I saw your Instagram post today and I will definitely be trying this drink today

  2. Deneca Dunlap

    Hi Sande, I have also been looking for keto drinks. I tried iced coffee with no sugar cinnamon dolce and heavy whipping cream blended with whip cream. It’s pretty good.

    Can I email you, I have a concern or can you email me?

  3. NubianPrincess

    A little confused. I have been drinking the “Pink Drink” for a good while now. Strawberry Aฤ‡ai tea, Coconut milk and dehydrates strawberries. No syrups or whip cream.
    The drink you have described is not the pink drink.

  4. ShaunaSnCali

    Hi Sande
    I canโ€™t have any dairy due to being lactose intolerant so would almond or soy milk work? Keep up the good work and sharing with us!

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