1. DeMeaka Lenzy

    OMG…. dude this is too funny… and I totally agree… it gets real!!! And pics of the kids… I’m in love huniii with these smiles and the little red riding hood cape and hat…SANDEEEEE !!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  2. Karen Jordan

    That was funny! Got a good laugh ?
    Guys where in the Sam Hill did y’all find those boots for Miss Jayla!????
    They both looked cute as can be.

  3. Erika Deguzman

    Lol ..the pee thing had me laughing. Great job to both of you I remember seeing you change their first diaper and thinking oh no..poor juice is going so slow the baby is going to pee on him him. I thought awww he is so nervous. But boy did you jump into it and adjust well. You are a great daddy! I love seeing how in love Sande is with you! Love to you both!


  4. Jean-Imani

    I’m literally DYING ?? You and Sande have done an awesome job Juice! They’re happy, very loved kids, and that’s all that matters! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys as a family as well as individually. Keep up the AWESOME work!

  5. Charity Hall

    You are hilarious Juice. Great post! lol I love watching the vlogs and my cousins. You and Sande are great first time parents. I love how you both work as a team and take care of Jaxon and Jayla. (my cousons!) lol You are inspiring for other men. I wish you & Sande the very best!

  6. Kimberely

    Great post, Juice…it’s great to see your Family’s journey…the babies look so precious in their little sweaters! ?

  7. Sammie

    That was Hilarious! Welcome to the wild, unpredictable, fun, tiring twin life from one twin parent to another lol! Mine are grown now and son is about to become a parent, and I’ve already told him, enjoy the silence because that will end when baby comes!

    Keep them coming Juice!

  8. Beautiful Surprise

    Great post Juice. We often hear from moms on the subject of parenthood and the fathers’ voices are often pushed in the background. I love it. Keep it up.

  9. NaturallyKoily Kuteness

    Headed right over after Sande made the announcement. I have to say, Juice and Sande you guys never disappoint. I am always left feeling good and relaxed after watching your vlogs. Your personalities are complimentary towards each other, which is admirable. Watching you guys grow as a married couple, now a family of four has been a blessing to see. We know that raising those babies has been a major adjustment to your lives but to see you guys champion through it and the way those babies just love you goes to show that you were ready to receive them at this point in your lives. My fiance and I always enjoy the four of you. We often find ourselves talking about you guys and the babies and how much they’ve grown. We’re looking forward to seeing so much more from you. Great things are ahead! You guys are in our hearts. Thank you for sharing a small piece of yourself with us. Sending love to you all ❤

  10. Alfie

    I have laughed SOOOO harf bcuz this is TRULY how parenthood is when its you’re first time!!! Great recap and we all thoroughly love seeing your family on Youtube and IG!

  11. Karen Love

    Juice……………..that was funny as hell! You spoke the TRUTH! The best is yet to come! Those outfits are simply fabulous! Beautiful family/beautiful couple. Keep up the good work and let’s get you to 1 million viewers all the way around!

  12. Cindy

    Great read! It has truly been a blessing to watch your family. I have 10 month old and now yall make me want to TWINS LOL. Love yall. Thanks for the advice Juice

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