1. I saw this video and was cracking up. I know a lot of people that use this service. I’m not so sure it’s for me. I’m real particulars (plural lol) about my snacks.

  2. Jeanine Howard

    I like the Spapeas Crisps. They are a really good snack food to eat. My favorite flavor is the Wasabi Snapea Crisps. They are delicious! I was able to find them at Walmart.

  3. Salwalishious

    I just came here to congratulate you for your official website! I am so proud of you boo! I love u and pray for more success!

  4. MJenae

    I just ordered my first box. I’m looking forward to trying the Snap Pea Crunch the most. We will see within the next week. I will keep you posted.

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