1. Michaela

    Ahhhhh this was definitely a beautiful Valentine’s weekend surprise! Everything looked amazing and you two…gorgeous as always! Happy Sunday guys!

  2. Latoya Risi

    Hey Sande And Juice,Gurl Had to pause the video and come sign up and check out this blog post . Can I say you SLAY like no other. That dress was everything on you(in my Sande Voice LOL). Juice you were handsome as usual! NOW I got to get back to this amazing VIDEO, Yall always bring the real content!! Love yall

  3. LOL Juice silly talking bout where your girlfriends can’t go unless lol!!!!!!!!! Loved this post and the vlog! You guys are awesome and the love and friendship you all have is so beautiful! I hope I get to meet you both one day!!

  4. Passionate

    You guys are the true definition of #relationshipgoals lol! I love how you all love each other and keep it sexy. Sande you already know you slaaaaayyyy for the gawds lol! Love y’all!

  5. Angel Nichelle

    Skrrrrrrrrr…wayment! Surprise next year?? Am I the only one that caught that little tidbit. Ok Ok, not going there. Anyhoodle, you guys are simply Amazing. Sande, yes honey You SLAY! Juice, handsome as ever. Love love love your relationship. Now back to the video. LOL

  6. Jessica

    Awwwww that was such a nice surprise. I watch you guys all the time and I love ya’ll! Hopefully sometime this year ya’l can make a trip down to New Orleans;)

  7. Shana

    Love the dress Sande.!!!!! Just beautiful!!!
    Wonderful surprise for Juicy J… #fambam
    #waitingonnextyear. Wink…. Love you two

  8. CaNdYlOiD

    My boyfriend and I did the same thing for the first time I had the idea for a while and I thought it would be perfect since we both have been stressed out with his family planning to move to Atlanta and leave him here in D.C. and the struggles of unemployment in my life it was nice to escape reality even for a weekend I feel like my boyfriend and I haven’t been able to be so close mentality in a long time in 3 years

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