1. Thia

    Hello Sande and Juice, I am so proud of the two of you. I am such a “fan”. You two make me smile on a regular basis and my kids always know when I’m watching because I am on the floor laughing. Thank you for all the laughs and information that you provide.-MzThia83

  2. Tam'la

    Hello Sande,

    I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your makeup tutorials and product recommendations. Thank you.

  3. Stephanie

    Girl love you and juice u always have me cracking up here in brooklyn ny your my friend in my head lol keep up the god work.

  4. Ja'Nise

    Hey Sande Gurl!!..Congratulations On Ur New Website .I wanted to Take A Min n let u kno Just How Much U Inspire me to Persue My personal Goals.Wether its watchin ur video on Starting this New Website of urs or listening to ur video on how u managed to be Unafraid n confident Even tho u had lost ur job U spoke about How u didnt feel “Cooperate America”Jobs were for u Cus u Never really felt u fit in, N u Werent concern bout wat others thought U were goin to Go Ahead n do wat u Felt was right for You n what u Enjoyed doin ..well Needless to say i found that So Encouarging..The way u Turned what culd b looked at As a Negative(losing A Job)into a positive.Im So Thankful I found ur Crazy funny Ass..Uve helped me Get thru Alotta hard days..I’m So Happy for u that u have Accomplished yet Another Goal n u did it “Ur way.I look fwrd to bein able to do the Same.Hope 2 Meet u One day! Much♡

  5. I’m doing a big chop on Friday too! Going super duper short not only for a Halloween costume, but for fun! I can’t wait to join the short hair lady crew.

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