OMG!! Sande that out fit looks “HELLA GOOD” on you boo!!!
    Girl I Love the color on you and it does look super soft and extra cute too!!
    I love your new site too…thank you for the share and Big ups to Juice too!!
    Juice had me tearing up on his special post to you…just Beautiful!!!
    Y’all keep it up and God Bless you both and may more success come your way too!!! One Luv!!!

    Your Big Fan!!!

  2. Jinnelle

    Super cute look. I know Juice loved the dark long hair on you, even though you think it boring. Gotta do it for the hubby. X0XO

  3. brittany

    Wham bam thank you ma’am! Outfit to die for! I simply love turtleneck crop tops! Plus the leather on top was LIFE! I’m loving it like McDonald’s girl! You killing these hoes like Trina! Simply gorgeous!

  4. maindacia

    I love clothes but I have the worst fashion sense ever… can’t pair clothes together to save my life. You help me out a lot so thank you.

  5. sha305

    Sande that outfit is simply fabulous. I love the top with jeans and some thigh high Boot’s and that leather jacket.
    Loving this blog so much

  6. Dominique Turner-Washington

    Heeeeeeeeeey Sande! Congrats on the new blog! I know its been a long time coming & I can so far so good!! Look forward to seeing g what else you have in store!!

  7. Cheryl

    I have adopted gray as one of my favorite colors also. All of your hard work toward staying fit is paying off!!! I c u girl! U lookgreat!!!!

  8. kedee

    This outfit is really cute. Love the camera quality. Juice is becoming quite the photographer. Yeeessssss!!!!! Good Job y’all!

  9. Kim Jones

    Girl you look great you go to the crazy for being out in that cold, girl go to the GNC and get you man some Bee Polin it will help a nurse that worked with my mother told her to give it to us to help, with the C it works.

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