1. maindacia

    I’m gonna start my marathon now… your obsession made me buy these movies. I hope it’s as good as you say. Or else I’ll knocking on your door asking for my coins back. Lol. I’ll tell you how it goes.

  2. ldiot_savant

    Prior to seeing this installment, I had never seen a single minute of any Star Wars movie. Don’t judge me! lol! I took my fourteen year old son, and we both enjoyed it. I may need to check out the rest, just so I can have a frame of reference for this movie. Cuz when the audience went ape-shit at the sighting of the Millennium Falcon, I was polite clapping, tryna blend it, since I had NO clue what they were excited about.

  3. LaTanya

    That ending lost me. It’s been so long sense i’ve seen star wars I should of bought them and rewetted but hey I still like the movie. To long but it was good.

  4. Liz ______NJGAL (YouTube)

    Great post Juicy J!

    I’ve been married for 21 years to a die hard Star Wars fan; our 9 year old soon is also a dedicated fan.

    Your post was a great read! ?

  5. Nice post Juice. I have only seen one movie and I can’t even tell u which one it was lol but this article has peeked my interest do I do plan to sit down with my boo (he is a fan) and watch the old movies then the new one.

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