1. Tunya

    Congrats Solicalite Sande

    You looked beautiful on your weight loss I’m watching you on your channel and before you had them babies you look beautiful keep pushing until you reach your goals

  2. SandyB

    Ok…I have to admit that I watched your birth video before watching the “How I’m Losing Weight” video. It just reaffirmed how great you are doing and how amazing you look after having 2 beautiful babies. (Yes, I cried AGAIN)!!! You are looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! Keep up the great work and keep motivating others!! So proud of you!!!

  3. Tyechia

    Sande you look so good!! I want to try targeted Keto so I can get my life ALL the way together! I’ll keep you posted on progress!

  4. TrinaNichole

    Hi Sande! I am also following a Keto diet and I intermittent fast. This way of eating is by far the easiest and most fulfilling diet I have tried. It of course has its challenges just like everything else. I wish you much success on your over all healthy living journey. I enjoy watching you and your family on YouTube too. By the way, You look GREAT! I saw your Bikini pic on Instagram and you are doing it sister girl. Praying for good grace for your family and much success. Take care.

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