• sonya wilson

      Very nice picture. Your a great husband to Sande. I think you should consider writing a series of “How To” books for men. Ask Sande what she thinks bout the idea.

  1. Vernon

    Mr. Juice,

    I think a lot of us men would be interested is some of your shaving and grooming techniques. I just purchased the Harry razor’s and they are excellent and very affordable.

  2. Myra

    Congratulations Juice, I know you’ll be amazing and have great tips & advice for the men. I going to get my 30 year old son to subscribe to the website, to view you in action.

  3. Gene McKinley

    I am super excited for you I have been watching you and juice for years now congratulations on your new website and yes that is very nice picture of your husband juice

  4. Jazz

    LOVE the Sande/Juice duo. Love the website. Thank you for making your brand accessible in so many forms! You all are a real inspiration.

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